what can you do in the area?

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Are you a sporty person? Then we won't let you down! There are many opportunities for sport activities in the surroundings of Horné Hámre. There are beautiful cycling routes close to the area. Do not hesitate to take your bike and try the cycle paths through the Kľakovská dolina. You can connect there directly from kiva.
Among other things, there is also a unique riding area for horse lovers right in Horné Hámre. Rides are offered for beginners as well as advanced riders. Visitors can choose to ride a horse in the area or go for a walk in the countryside. Even in winter, there are possibilities to do something sporty here. Only 17 km away from us is ski resort Salamandra, which will delight skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts. Don't have your equipment with you? No problem, you can rent it on site.


We recommend cycling paths through the Kľak valley: Horné Hámre - Kľak or Horné Hámre - Hrabičov cycling route

horse riding

Areál Sv. Františka in Horné Hámre offers rides indoors or outdoors under the supervision of a trainer

skiing or snowboarding

Ski Salamandra only 25 min from us

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kiva cabin


Who doesn't love hiking. We are located in the Gron region, which offers several hiking trail options for both active and recreational hikers. In our location we are surrounded by beautiful greenery. Feel free to visit the surrounding forests around kiva. Along the way you will meet grazing cows, maybe deers and you will be accompanied by chirping birds. In the wider surroundings we are surrounded by the Tribeč, Pohronský Inovec, Štiavnické vrchy and Vtáčnik mountains. All these mountains offer rich possibilities for hiking.
Do you like challenges? Go to the highest peaks of the mountains - Vtáčnik or Veľký Inovec. The trails offer unique views and you won't experience many tourists there. Check the slides for route descriptions.
For a pleasant walk, we recommend various nature trails in the area. What you should not miss is the ruins of the Revište Castle.

Revište Castle

Just a few km away from us is the ruins of Revište Castle. The castle is easy to access. The trail leads along an idyllic forest road along a stream.

Hulín Hill

The route starts in the village of Brehy, where it is possible to visit the interesting pottery museum. The route is short, but can be extended or made a circuit.

Vtáčnik hill

The route starts in the village of Kľak. It is possible to climb to the Vtáčnik hill and back or continue further to the village of Ostrý Grúň (please note, this is a difficult option)

nature trails

Try the Zbojnícke studničky or Zvonička trails in Nová Baňa

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kiva cabin


If you like water we won't let you down here either. In the summer months, we definitely recommend swimming or paddleboarding in the charming Štiavnica taichs and lakes. There are many of them in the region. Are you wondering which one to choose? The closest is Dolné Hodrušské jazero and popular are Klinger, Počúvadlo or Belianský tajch.
If you want to just relax we recommend several wellness centers that are in the area. Book a massage at the Salamandra Hotel, Sitno or take advantage of the thermal water at the nearby Vyhne Spa. In the Hotel Termál you can visit the swimming pools, which are filled with thermal water from its own source and therefore not chemically treated.

bathing in the taichs

The taichs are beautiful man-made water reservoirs that are popular for swimming. For example, try the refreshing Belianský tajch. This one is the warmest of all 😉

Vyhne water paradise

Complex with wellness and natural thermal water

hotels with wellness

There are Salamandra, Sitno or Termál hotel in the area with a wide range of wellness options

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kiva cabin


Nature is great, but who wouldn't like to go for a coffee or enjoy a tasty lunch. Žarnovica is the closest city from us. Žarnovica is located in the middle of the Banská Bystrica region on the road link between Bratislava and Banská Bystrica. If you are looking for a place to eat, we recommend Pub u raka, Aisha restaurant or Pizzeria pod Kaštieľom.
There are several mining towns nearby, such as Nová Baňa and beautiful Banská Štiavnica, which is only a short drive away. Only 30 min drive and you are in one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia. Support local businesses with your visit. You will certainly not regret it. Furthermore, Banská Štiavnica offers many possibilities for hiking. Run to the calvary or go for a swim in the local taich.


The nearest town, located only 5 min drive from us

calvary in Banská Štiavnica

The most beautiful views can be found right here

bank of love in Banská Štiavnica

Something for those in love 🙂

mining towns

We are located in a mining region that offers a rich history. Visit the mine in Hodruša-Hámre or the mining town Nová Baňa

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